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Tuesday from 1 p.m.- 2p.m.
Alan Kvares and Elisa Kvares
host Shelter From The Norm,
“Unique News- Off- beat and Spot On”

Every week your two by-no-means mild-mannered “Pundits with Panache” blast through unique news and social issues, the online headlines, metropolitan newspapers, broadcast media and way too much caffeine in a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and general mayhem in true American style!

Alan wraps up each hour with the Just Sayin’ Who’s Playin’ segment to keep our listeners up to date about music and entertainment that is live and local here on the Space Coast.

Alan Kvares

Alan is also a media analyst and commentator on the “Picture This” segment on the Information Overload Hour with John Harper when he focuses on the media, technology and entertainment industries

A New York native and 40 year resident of Florida, Alan Kvares was a co-founder of creative direction and audio production company State Of The Art, Inc. in 1980 and co-founder and former President/CEO of Telephonetics, a publicly traded company specializing in audio information systems for the telecommunications industry.
With over 45 years in the media, technology, and entertainment industry, Alan has published entertainment and music magazines, consulted radio stations, managed bands and produced recorded music, concerts, TV and motion pictures.

Currently a partner and Director of Business Development for Zero Dark Cinema , a film, video and media architecture company, Alan is also the recipient and laureate of a Computer World Smithsonian Award for the “Visionary Use of Information Technology” on behalf of his company Telephonetics, and a former lecturer in Broadcast Media at the University of Miami. He is a true child of the 60’s and self- proclaimed “curly-headed counter culture capitalist”.

Elisa Kvares

The Dixon to Alan’s Mason is his co-host Elisa Kvares, a true Southerner and homegrown Florida girl from Fort Myers.

After graduating from the University of South Florida with a degree in Sociology, Elisa followed a love of scuba diving to a certification as a NAUI diving instructor and a job in the Cayman Islands. After returning to the US, Elisa entered the business world as a commercial property manager in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Honolulu, Hawaii and in social services management in Honolulu and Mount Dora, Florida. Having worked in states with high levels of business regulation, as a paralegal and in the “welfare/social service complex”.

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